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Teeth whitening in Joondalup

Tooth whitening reduces or even removes stains that frequently occur on teeth. These stains are generally caused by commonly consumed products, such as tea, coffee, red wine and tobacco.

We know that for most people, whiter teeth makes their smiles better and increases the confidence they feel. We offer two options for tooth whitening:

  1. Take home whitening kit: during your dental appointment, we'll take 3D impressions of your teeth to make bleaching trays (a bit like a very thin mouthguard, moulded to fit your teeth only). In your own time (often at night), you can apply a whitening paste that we provide you onto the insides of the trays and then wear them for a set amount of time.
  2. In-chair whitening: this can be done during your appointment in the dental chair. It is quicker but costs more than the take-home kit. We use a high-powered light which basically bleaches the stains out of your teeth.
  3. In our clinic, we often recommend a combination of both the in-chair whitening and the take home whitening kit as studies have shown the combination therapy often shows the best results of tooth whitening.

How can I whiten my teeth?

The first step is booking in with a dentist so that they can assess your oral health before whitening can commence. Call us on (08) 9301 4088, book online or contact us via other methods to get your teeth looked at.

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