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    • A patient having an Invisalign aligner fitted

      Invisible Braces (Invisalign)

      Looking for a way to straighten your teeth that doesn't show? We work with Invisalign Australia to provide "aligners" (nearRead More
    • Picture of a new smile emerging under an old one being peeled away

      Cosmetic Dentistry

      What is cosmetic dentistry? At Dental at Joondalup, we know that the way your smile looks can affect more than just yourRead More
    • Picture of a dental implant and porcelain crown.


      Dental implants are often used when a tooth has been extracted and a new one is needed to put inRead More
    • Bride and groom smiling

      Wedding Smile Preparation

      Looking to get your smiles in shape for your upcoming wedding or special event? We have a range of cosmeticRead More
    • Best dentists in Joondalup

      General Dentistry

      What is general dentistry? General dentistry is concerned with fixing problems relating to oral health, pain in your teeth andRead More
    • Teeth whitening in Joondalup

      Tooth Whitening

      Tooth whitening reduces or even removes stains that frequently occur on teeth. These stains are generally caused by commonly consumedRead More
    • A tooth after restoration by a dental filling


      Fillings are relatively common in Australia and are normally regarded as "minor dental" treatment. A filling is usually necessary whenRead More
    • Picture of extra strong tablets

      Sedation Dentistry

      Sedation dentistry is used when a patient is anxious or nervous about a dental procedure. There are a variety ofRead More
    • Extractions

      When a tooth has experienced significant decay or trauma, it is likely that it will be damaged in such aRead More
    • A titanium dental bridge laid on a ceramic cast.


      A dental bridge is sometimes used to fill a gap created by one or more missing teeth. Generally, dental crownsRead More
    • A dental crown, left, fitted to a ceramic cast.


      In some cases, damage to a tooth is such that a dental crown is needed. Generally, this occurs when: ARead More
    • Dentures

      Dentures (or "plates" as they're sometimes called) are used to replace missing teeth (often more than one). They are removableRead More
    • An illustration of a tooth with two roots inside a green circle

      Root Canal Treatment

      The process of root canal treatment involves the removal of the nerve within the root of a tooth. This isRead More
    • Two veneers before being affixed to teeth


      Veneers are used primarily for cosmetic reasons to correct mild-moderate tooth shape discrepancies to the front teeth that contribute toRead More
    • A dental mirror held by a dental model of teeth and gums

      Scale and Clean

      A scale and clean (sometimes known as a "polish and clean" or "scale and polish") is done to physically removeRead More
    • Gingivitis - before and after treatment

      Gum Disease Treatment

      Gingivitis is the proper name for gum disease. It occurs when plaque (a mixture of bacteria, food particles and saliva)Read More
    • Kids's Dentist in Joondalup

      Children's Dentistry

      Children are not just “little adults”. Furthermore, each child has their own special needs. We need to monitor children’s teethRead More
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