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We all know someone with that story...they were playing their usual sport as they had done for years. Suddenly, a misplaced elbow to the face and a tooth suddenly gets knocked out. Then, there's the panicked confusion about what to do next. Do we store the tooth in saliva or milk or water before rushing madly to the dentist to put it back in? The best medium is milk but in all reality, if a tooth has been outside of the mouth for more than 15 minutes it probably doesn't matter too much as the tooth will probably need replacement down the track. A dental implant can cost up to $6,000 to replace the tooth.

Mouthguards are a simple and effective way of preventing trauma to the front teeth. They are a lot cheaper than replacing any lost or fractured teeth. A custom made mouthguard fabricated by your dentist is the best fitting form of mouthguard which has been shown to prevent dental trauma. We just need to take some simple moulds of your teeth.

Franck Junillon wearing a clear mouth guard
Franck Junillon wearing a clear mouth guard.
By Kuebi = Armin K├╝belbeck [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Remember, ask your Dentist at your next check-up and scale and clean about mouthguards if you play any semi-contact or contact sport. It could save you a lot of pain down the track both in your mouth and your wallet. Most health funds rebate the cost of the mouthguards with HBF and Bupa charging no "out-of-pocket" expense for children on an eligible level of health cover. This essentially means, "free!"

For the upcoming Autumn and Winter sports season, we're proud to offer a 10% discount on mouthguards for all children and adults who are playing sports at a local club. Bring in a team photo to share with the staff! This offer is only valid for the month of May.

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